The old "My AOL" site, which included the Web version of AOL Favorites, transitioned to a new version of the AOL homepage on November 17.

Although is no longer accessible, we do have a way for you to access the Favorite Bookmarks you set up on the old site.

To do this, you will just need to download the following AOL software which will port in the Favorite Bookmarks that you set up at upon sign-in:
· Download the PC Version
· Download the Mac Version

You can download this software at any time before or after November 17. We will be retaining your Bookmarks for you beyond that date and plan on offering you a new AOL Favorites experience early in 2012.

Please Note: This will only provide access to Bookmarks set up at, not Feeds. Also, please don't confuse the Bookmarks at with your AOL Software (AOL 9.6, etc.) Favorites -- those are stored separately.

Please send us any feedback or questions you have around the retirement of My AOL.

Thank you for your continued support!
The AOL Homepages Team