Welcome to AOL's brand-new iPad site! We've optimized the entire experience to make it super tablet-friendly. Check it out by going to aol.com on your iPad and then tell us what you think.

This new design provides an easy and fun way to browse through more of AOL's best content including top news, local and entertainment headlines.


  • Touch-Enabled Gestures - Content on the page is now enabled for tapping (to open or play) and swiping (to see more). Try this out with the main featured stories section at the top of the page - you can swipe through images and headlines, then simply tap to read full article.

  • AOL Mail – Tap on the Mail icon at the top of the page to quickly go to your AOL Mail account. Or, sign in to the page itself to get a dedicated mail preview section so that you can see up to 20 previews of your latest unread messages. You can swipe to review your mail, tap on previews to open messages, tap on the compose icon to open compose view, and tap on the header to open your inbox.

  • Games – Tap on the Games icon at the top of the page to go to our Mobile Games Channel, or try out one of the featured games in the AOL Games section at the bottom of the page. You can tap the Play button to open the featured game to start playing it or view games news headlines.

  • Apps – Tap on the Apps icon at the top of the page to visit our Mobile Desktop Tablets page and view all available AOL Apps and Mobile Web channels. You'll also find AOL Apps promoted further down the page as well.

  • A-Z – Tap on the A-Z "More" icon at the top of the page to open the AOL Directory page and get quick access to all of your favorite AOL sites.

  • Weather – Set your location to view today's forecast. Tap today's weather forecast to get more detailed information from AOL Weather. You can swipe to view the 3-day forecast and also tap to get the 7-day forecast. You can also tap on "edit" to change your location. Tap the blue button to have your iPad pinpoint your location or enter in your ZIP or city, state.

  • Top News – View top news headlines with images. Swipe to see all headlines, tap an item to read the full article, and tap on the header to open Huffington Post Front Page to see all articles.

  • Video – Swipe to see featured videos and tap to to play selected videos. Once the video experience is open, you can play that video or tap on additional featured videos below.

  • Slideshows – Check out featured slideshows with the swipe of a finger. Tap on an image to open a Slideshow Gallery view, then swipe through gallery to see images. There are also options to share on Facebook, Twitter and via email, and you can tap on the "Read Article" link to view the full article.

  • AOL Music MP3 of the Day – Swipe this section to preview the latest 20 days of AOL Music's MP3 of the Day. Tap play to listen to selection. It will play in-line with continuous play of all 20 MP3s.

  • Local News – Upon setting your location, you'll be able to view news headlines for your area. Swipe to see all headlines and tap on headlines to read the full article.

  • Entertainment - Swipe to view the latest entertainment news headlines or tap headlines to read full articles.

  • Horoscopes – Preview today's horoscopes (all twelve signs). Tap on a horoscope to open Huffington Post Horoscopes. You can also tap the link at the bottom to set or change your sign.

  • Moviefone – Swipe see all listings of movies now playing in theaters. If location is set, you will see movie times for nearest theater and movie trailer.


Q: Can I get back to the old AOL iPad site?
A: Yes, you can go back at any time by tapping on "Back to Desktop Version" at the very bottom of the page. The old page will come up for you each time unless you clear your cookies. If you decide to change back, just look for the "Back to Tablet Version" link at the top of the page.

Q: How do I change my location?
A: You can tap on "edit" in the weather section, or tap on the "Change Location" link at the very bottom of the site.

Q: Where do I send my suggestions for the new site?
A: Please send us your feedback right here!

We hope you love the new site!
Your friends at the AOL Mobile and AOL Homepages Teams