You asked, we listened! We are thrilled to present you with some enhancements to AOL's iPad site based on feedback received from users like you.

First off, we've added a Business News section, complete with the most recent market updates, a stock price search field and a shortcut to My Portfolios. Swipe to the left to see additional markets as well as top business news stories.

Secondly, sports fans will rejoice in the Sports News section. Flip through a dozen of the latest headlines from SportingNews with the swipe of your finger.

Next, you'll probably notice that the lead new stories at the top of the page are rotating. We know that this is one of the most popular features on the desktop site, so we are pleased to include this functionality to iPad users as well. If the lead story switches too soon for your taste, simply swipe back to where you were and the whole section will automatically pause for you.

Something cool you might spot with the Movies section is the addition of the run time, date and critic score.

There are also some design updates you might notice here and there. For instance, we've updated the search field and the icons at the top of the page so that they are more in keeping with what you see on the desktop site.

One quick tip to share -- cookies are needed to set or change a location, or to switch between iPad views. If we detect that you have cookies disabled and you go to set a location or change views, we'll show you a popup message to notify you about the need for cookies.

That's it for now! Got feedback on the latest additions, or want to tell us what you are hoping to see next? Send us your thoughts right here!

Your friends at the AOL Mobile and AOL Homepages Teams