Every day at AOL, we strive to bring you the best coverage of news and entertainment on the Web, as well as placing the utilities you need right at your fingertips.

And now we are going a step further! We have partnered with MyPoints to offer you an opportunity to earn rewards just for doing what you may already do each day anyway -- use AOL.com.

MyPoints is the pioneer and leader of online shopping rewards. Through simple online purchases from hundreds of retailers within the MyPoints network, members earn rewards Points from every transaction made. Members can redeem Points for gift cards, travel miles or even cash back.

> Sign up for a MyPoints account now.
> Visit the AOL/MyPoints homepage today.

You can earn Points for setting the AOL/MyPoints homepage as your default browser homepage and for visiting the AOL/MyPoints homepage each day. You can also earn Points for watching AOL videos and reading articles that are promoted in the daily email you will receive.

Please send us any feedback or questions you have on the AOL/MyPoints site today!

The AOL Homepages Team