We are thrilled to debut some improvements we've been making on AOL.com!

To start us off, here's a quick look at the updated page:

And here are a few of the updates we'd like to highlight for you:

#1 Updated Navigation: The AOL navigation bar has been given a new look, making it cleaner and easier to read. All of your favorite top-level destinations are in the same space.

#2 Unfolding Now: Below "Today" in the navigation, you'll be able to find the topics and stories that are unfolding right now. Clicking on "Unfolding Now" will open the daily video recapping the major stories of the day.

#3 Holiday Canvases: Look for the "Options" drop-down in the top right corner and then select "Change Canvas" to discover a variety of seasonal canvases you choose from to personalize your page. Happy holidays!

#4 Featured News: We've updated the rotating news feature so that today's top stories on AOL are bigger and better, while providing you with more topics and stories to view.

We've also taken the opportunity to make some additional updates down the page. They are little changes that all together update and improve the look and feel of AOL.com.

Can't find the pause button for the featured stories slideshow?
You may have noticed that the pause button is no longer there. That's because all you need to do now to stop the rotation is to hover your mouse over the photo or the links. And when you want to restart the rotation, simply move your mouse off the image or links and it will resume. It's that easy!

Can't find a link that was there before?
Don't worry; the trusty links you were used to can still be found! Here's where to locate them:
Read Mail - Look for the mail envelope icon at the top right corner of the page
Chat - Available under MyBenefits in the navigation
Weather - Look for the weather icon on the navigation, or in the Local and Weather section
Directions - Available as MapQuest under Local in the navigation
AOL Reader - Available under MyBenefits in the navigation
Games - Available under Entertainment in the navigation
Radio - Available under Entertainment in the navigation
Horoscopes - Available under Lifestyle in the navigation
AOL Apps - Available via the mobile phone icon at the bottom of the page

We hope you like the lighter, brighter homepage! As always, please feel free to let us know what you think. We want to hear from you!

The AOL Homepages Team