Posted Dec 21st 2012 12:54PM by AOL.com Team
Shaken by the deplorable murders in Newtown, we at AOL.com felt compelled to take a stand against the status quo on gun violence in America. We pledged to do four things and then asked for your ideas -- and nearly 4000 of you responded. The responses ran the gamut from calls for stricter laws to a need to focus on mental health issues in America to the over-riding need to protect civil liberties and gun rights. We heard your voices and now we're presenting some of the comments that best expressed those ideas. The only way we can reach an equitable solution to this epidemic is through a national discussion, and so we thank you for taking the time to join in that conversation. We look forward to seeing how this country and our leaders react to the senseless tragedy and, once again, send our thoughts and prayers to the families of those who lost their lives on a dark day we will never forget.

Enforce the Existing Gun Laws First

John Sultana
Dec 21st 2012, 8:32AM
There are many responsible gun owners who grieve over this tragedy. Let's recognize this incident for what it was: A tragedy, simple as that. Are additional gun controls necessary? No, that will not prevent future tragedies from occurring. Current regulations require separate locked storage of ammo from firearms, gun locks, etc. None of this was practiced or the weapons would have been unavailable to the 20-year-old who committed this act. We must learn to accept responsibility for our actions and stop the political posturing. Guns have saved lives and preserved our freedom. Enough said.

Dec 21st 2012, 6:25AM
As tragic as this last mass shooting is, deaths by guns have been lowest since the 1980s. Background checks are already done when buying firearms. Some places even have a waiting period. When granted a permit to own and or conceal, that person has to uphold the responsibility of what it takes to be a responsible gun owner. It's education not legislation. Accountability, parenting and keeping firearms properly secured is key. Taking guns away from responsible people who could be the one to help save a life -- or lives -- given the opportunity, gives the shooters an upper hand. Look around: Most cities are cutting down funding for police, and they can't be everywhere all the time.

William Waters
Dec 21st 2012, 6:41AM
I am horrified by the Sandy Hook situation. I don't believe running around banning gun and gun parts is the answer. I don't see anyone trying to ban alcohol and hundreds are affected every day! Enforce the existing gun laws and there will be less problems. How come the only time you hear from most of these politicians is when there is a chance to do some grandstanding? Get rid of the politicians, armed guards and security people so they can experience life at most of our levels. Thanks for reading.
Posted Dec 21st 2012 5:00AM by AOL.com Team
At AOL.com, we were shaken by the senseless and tragic events that unfolded last Friday in Newtown, Connecticut. It's our job to curate the news, even the most difficult stories, but at the same time, we grieve along with you for the lives that were lost, both the young and those of the adults who dedicated themselves to nurturing America's youth.

While we are inspired by the heroics of people like Victoria Soto, we wonder what great things she may have gone on to do in the future had she not been forced to sacrifice her life to prevent the senseless killing of children. To that end, we feel strongly that it's incumbent upon us to do something that makes a difference.

We're not a political website and we typically shy away from editorials. But we also know the status quo surrounding gun violence in America is unacceptable.

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