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Posted Jun 30th 2014 12:00PM by Jared Perez
The weather can be tough to predict and plan for. But we're aiming to make it a bit easier with the new Weather on AOL!

Posted Jun 24th 2014 12:00PM by Jared Perez
We are pleased to introduce you to the new commenting experience on! No more scrolling to the bottom of the story to get to the comments, as they will now appear right next to the article.

With this update, you can add your own comments, view comments others posted, use new filtering options to see the most recommended and share comments (yours or others you liked) all while still being able to view the body of the article.
Posted Apr 15th 2014 6:00AM by Jared Perez
We know that you expect us to provide the best stories on the web, and we proudly work hard to provide such to our users. With that in mind, we are excited to present to you a new, 24x7, hourly-updated video experience on

New Video Feature on

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