Posted Apr 15th 2014 6:00AM by Jared Perez
We know that you expect us to provide the best stories on the web, and we proudly work hard to provide such to our users. With that in mind, we are excited to present to you a new, 24x7, hourly-updated video experience on AOL.com.

New Video Feature on AOL.com
Posted Dec 10th 2013 12:00AM by Jared Perez
We are thrilled to debut some improvements we've been making on AOL.com!

To start us off, here's a quick look at the updated page:
Posted Oct 3rd 2013 12:00PM by Tracy Highnote

Following on the heels of our successful Android phone and tablet release last week, we are thrilled to bring you the highly-anticipated AOL for iPhone! Available starting today in the App Store, the AOL App ensures you always know what matters now.

The App allows you to browse top news, videos, trending stories and lifestyle info in an engaging "news stream" format along with quick and easy access to your AOL Mail inbox.

Download the app now by following this link to the Play Store, or click here to request an email or text message with the link.

Here's a preview of what the AOL App looks like on the iPhone:

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