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Dec 21st 2012 6:40AM

Auto weapons are not nor have they ever been banned for civilians

Dec 21st 2012 6:38AM

Auto weapons are not even used by the Military ( except for special forces ) the weapons are now semi with 3 shot burst capacity. All full auto weapons can be purchased as long as one pays the federal Tax and cannot be bought or sold unless through a Licensed Class III Dealer. And you are subject to a visit at their whim by the federal agencies to see if you still have the weapon.

Apr 15th 2010 4:53AM

Take away his License to practice Medicine
Bust him to E-1
Regardless of his Belief, He took an Oath

Nov 12th 2009 4:54AM

From my Experience the VA is the best.
If you have at least 2 years active duty in any Military service and take the time to sign-up for VA service then the cost is next to nothing no matter your financial status.
The also have this wonderful Non service connected disability for ones who are disabled while waiting for the much slower SS to decide. It took less than 1 month for them to decide for me with a bum shoulder.
I know several persons who have lots of money and they could afford a very high insurance premium but they use the VA and pay something like 15.00 for doctor visits, Try that with even good Insurance.
That The VA Rocks is my opinion, well worth the cost of 4 years in the Navy.

Aug 7th 2009 6:26AM

Macs are ALWAYS Better

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