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Dec 21st 2012 6:37AM

The two kids at Columbine HS stole some guns. Two laws broken, they stole a truck thats another law broken. They took the guns on school grounds, more laws broken. They shoot and killed a bunch of people. I believe this was against the law too. So out of the 30, or forty laws they broke. What law would stop someone from doing the same thing today, or any written law. You can not write this problem away with your empty words. Your paper wont stop their bullets. The first line of defense is the teachers. Arm them, and train them like the police. Actions say more than words.

Dec 21st 2012 6:28AM

I bet my SKS will still kill a person through a phone book of laws, and bans. What law will stop a gang banger, or a mental case from picking up a gun. Wether it be Automatic or not, and blowing our brains out. You gun ban nuts have it backwards. An armed state, is a peacful state. If you arm all the teachers, and train them to use the weapon. Boom our kids are safe.

Sep 8th 2010 9:06AM

doesn't matter how much you make. Its how much you keep. If you make 40mil a week, and you are spending 41 mil a week. Your in the hole. The pay scale has always been based on race, sex, relegion, ect... I would love to see it fair, where the quality of your work determined your pay. With agencies like the NAACP, and a few others that will never happen. If some one says ok the pay is fair. That will meen that those people will be out of work. So they have to keep screaming unfair work practice. I have been dicriminated against alot in my life time. I asked them to help, I am american indian, but they say since I cant show it on paper, I am white, and cant be discriminated against. Because I am not a minority. Here in Mobile blacks are the majority. Its just a racket to make money, and keep the poor people poor. Like child support. If you go through the court. Then the person with the child only gets about 30% of the money that the other person pays in. Its a just a way of seperating you from your dollar. They have a law that no money can be taxxed 2 times. It seems to me they tax the hell out of me. What happened to the 18th amendment. I guess it should only apply to women? Some people just wanna start crap, and they get payed for it. Like the moron that wrote this crap about how much women are making. I have a question for that person. Did they get a warrent, or written consent to find out what these people are making. Because that is invasion of privacy. I think that this person didn't even do any research on the subject. I thinkl they just did like most writers, and coward behind their pen.

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